Spiritual Faith

When people start getting matured in their life, they realize it is very important to have faith in life. Everyone has certain measure of faith, hence they still live and those who don’t have faith are the ones who perish.

If people don’t want to perish they should have faith. Faith is the substance that can maintain our marching forward in life despite challenges and hardships. However, the doubt lingers in whenever people are not able to meet their goals according to their will and whims and they realize of circumventing of the inevitable particularly bad relationships, sickness, death, increase in the price rates, fuel, political crisis and even the one sided enemies who likes bothering in our personal matters.

Finally, people realize that believing in themselves, parents, partners, friends, doctors, engineers among many others is not enough to carry out this life with bliss and joy.

At such moments, they take consort at the hands of creator and pray with the broken heart. The person who is drowned in a sea, trapped in a pit or is at the end of life when the incurable disease strikes, they have only one option for deliverance and they remember and call on the holy name of their creator, ask for deliverance and ask for forgiveness. The person realizes all their means of faith has been set in sand that gets washed away by the web of troublesome life and temptations.

Hence a spiritual faith is a faith that believes on the unseen GOD, hope and trust in HIM with the answer to prayers during perils and to overcome the inevitable. They begin to believe GOD exist, because they are saved, redeemed and delivered when they called up the name of the LORD during those lonely journey of their life surrounded with misfortune and turbulent years.

They are not shaken by doubters and discouragers because they know they have someone whom they can trust to move on even if days get rough.

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