Antidote to loneliness

Once mother Teresa said, if you can convince any person that someone invisible is always beside them, then you can change that person for whole life.

As saint as she was and perfect in her mission towards serving the poor people living in the slums, she knew the humans needed someone to be always beside them than just giving them money, clothes, food, drink and shelter along with the medical care.

It is very necessary to have the presence of some people in our lives to be out of some measure of loneliness, though people tend to get lonely even if someone has surrounded them.

Our experience has taught us that having someone beside is not enough but there should be a relationship. Without relationship people are lonely even if there are crowd of people surrounding them.

In this matter we have to maintain relationship to get away from loneliness.

However according to Mother Teresa having knowledge about an Invisible One always besides us is the most effective antidote against loneliness and such awareness is bound to change our lives forever.

Therefore, friends-brothers-sisters-fathers and mothers let us get in touch with our Source and Creator who is always there beside us with the role of Caretaker.

From today let us have this awareness of an Invisible GOD hovering us. Let us maintain relationship with Invisible One meditating on HIS word, praying HIS word and worshiping HIM in his words.Such kind of interactive relationship always keeps us close to Invisible One to ward off loneliness to change our lives forever.

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