Justifiable Equality

Ok lets talk practical now.

If there is this huge man and small baby ready to eat food at your dinner table and you give the man equal food stuffs that you put in the child’s plate. My question, “Is this equality?”.

In a real sense, everything is equal but how can we maintain the equality amidst this world that is filled with inequality due to stratification that has occurred due to human’s strength and ability to produce wealth.

We can see that no human in the world are equal. However equal opportunity for all the humans to participated in race of  life with integrity is available.

Bible clearly states that Judha was given more portion of inheritance than his brothers because of the huge population in the tribe in compared to others while smaller tribes were allotted inheritance with small portions.

Here GOD, is doing justice by providing huge inheritance to the huge populated tribe.

So let us practice justice while practicing equality. Equality and justice is two equal parts of the same coin.

In this matter, it is necessary to learn to serve the bigger man with the bigger plates of food stuff in compared to toddlers. Or else the bigger man just gets mistreated in the name of false equality.

Or don’t act foolish serving the toddler equal to that of bigger’s mans foods and plates, the food tends to get wasted or if the toddlers eats too much, they will suffer diarrhea.

Lets do justice while practicing equality.


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