Why is Christianity journey the most controversial religion in the World?



Christianity journey is usually a journey that has to be taken along with other people. There are all sorts of people and all sorts of Church with different belief system often misleading the people. While the world is divided into Catholic Christians and Protestant Christians, unbelievers are really confused with the difference.


The reason people of other faith get confused is because they do not know the fact that Catholic and Protestant took form of political movement to reach the power and status to overpower the state and government and possibly to rule the world and exploit it.

Catholic was highly centralized allowing only some elites of high status for priesthood and monk system. Protestant wanted to decentralize allowing every individual to priesthood with right to read the Bible.

At present even Protestant refer to all the books selected and canonized by Catholics by neglecting some books of Old Testament.

Catholics were ruling through imperialism and colonizing while Protestant wants to rule by individualism, privatization and capitalism. Protestantism is all about hoarding wealth, hard work and independence contrary to Bible ethics.

Catholics practiced paganism, idol worship and many other rituals contrary to Bible.

On the other side, Protestants were focusing on prosperity based on wealth, health and property by misusing the teaching of the Bible and the name of GOD.  These days they practice self-help, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, education and empowerment to reach this goal of prosperity. Some even started what they call prosperity gospel. The Church was filled with people who prayed greedily for luxurious needs with fierce competition without the practice of charity. The faith was highly commercialized and industrialized. Today they operate as company, firm, business and academic institution with the aim of making money.They wan’t rich people in their congregation and they target economically enhanced people.

By passing of time, there are many other Christian faith, yet adding more hurdles to right kind of journey. They tell this, they tell that and all you can do is to ask them “Are you correct. Do you even know your BIBLE?”


The religion that spread from Israel at Middle East  lost its originality with western culture influence with Asian recognizing it as the religion of the western white. Asians tend to avoid it calling it ” Religion of White”.

The original Christianity preached by apostles became westernized with many dangerous teaching different from Jewish belief system.

Jews scattered all over the world, were gathered to Israel in 1948. Today many Jews understand the reality of Christianity that is different from western commercialized Christianity. They are trying to restore the right kind of faith which is neither protestant nor catholic or any other versions.

Christianity is the most controversial faith of all times due to its long history, transition from Judean religion of the past since the birth of Christ. As per the Bible, it has its root pre Judean religion era even before formation of Israel. It has changed its status through the passing of history.


Before formation of Isreal as nation in ancient days, the believers traveled. He was recognized as GOD of Abraham, Issac and Jacob among Israelites. At that time, Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. Yet they did not forget that GOD of their ancestors. Abraham understand that GOD as Jehova Jierah during his journey with GOD. Jehova Jierah because, GOD would one day give himself as the sacrifice to save humans from sin by incarnating fleshly man who is CHRIST.


It cannot be understood, only the Apostles understood truly, and they have written that reality is Christ and all the other is shadow. So let’s focus on Christ who himself is-Father, Son and Spirit yet people have difficulty in understanding this because in the past they have been taught that Father, Son and Spirit is different. As far as I am concerned, no matter what they teach, CHRIST is reality…Christ is Father-Son-Spirit which makes GOD of the Bible. In conclusion that GOD is CHRIST himself.

Christianity has journeyed..it’s beginning is CHRIST and end is CHRIST. Who was, Who is and Who will be…Who was Father, Who is Son, Who will be Spirit. CHRIST was Father, CHRIST is Son, CHRIST will be Spirit.

The journey was simple, they made it complicated…the ones who did not consider CHRIST  as reality. They are like Israelites who travelled 40 years in the deserts yet they did not know CHRIST who was with them all they way in form of pillar of cloud and fire, rock, water, manna, angel..lord of host…Jehova…hornet..and so on.



There is a person name Paul who claims to be apostle in his writings, But Jesus never said he was apostle. There were only 12 apostles named by CHRIST out of them one committed suicide. So the one who want to read the BIBLE should be careful in reading Paul’s letters because the New Testament is filled with majority of his letters. He was never apostle,,,he will never be apostle. In fact there are are no apostles besides 12 apostles of JESUS. No one. The present people are either pastors, prophets, preachers, evangelist, missionary or ministries in the form of leader and elders.

Paul can be said to be missionary, though he claimed apostleship. You can also avoid some of his teaching and doesn’t have take it that he got everything from GOD to write and teach. Everyone has the right to signs and wonders to those who believe in GOD and that does not make them Apostle, rather they can become disciples and Paul is one of disciple.You can use his letters as reference to understand other books of the Bible and give it a second priority as a secondary source.


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