Western Churches help rename Sunday school to Saturday school in Nepal


                                 Nepalese should call Saturday school for the children church

There is nothing wrong running Sunday school to the children at the Churches in Nepal. It is absolutely fine with Sunday school teachers teaching the children about GOD with biblical teaching materials.

The children learn about GOD according to their needs considering their age, understanding and learning capabilities.

Everything is fine, until the school has been running with Sunday school terminology like that of western countries while it is Saturday in Nepal. In western countries people have national holiday on Sunday. Christians attend Church on Sundays as a custom.

 There was in need of separate service to the care of kids, so that the parents could enjoy the service without disturbances.  Another fact that children needed separate space was that, children cannot understand the adult contents that were shared in the pulpit. They also tend to disturb during the worship service running here and there, littering church floor with food junks.


                                      A Western teaching class for children church on Sunday

The reason it was called Sunday school is because the children learn about GOD on Sunday as if they were in school. Though it is holiday, the children have to go to this Sunday school if their parents attend the church.

What the westerners did by introducing Sunday school for children is valid and there is no problem. But Westerns would do Nepalese Christians and Church a favor if they would teach certain aspects by respecting culture and norms of Nepal. One of them is by suggesting Nepalese church to say Saturday school instead of Sunday school.

Coining Sunday school for such service to children has really been terminology error amid Nepali Christians, Churches and Leaders.

 In Nepal the national public holiday falls on Saturday beginning from half Friday. The Nepalese Church naively followed the western culture of Sunday school terminology without even using much of rationality. Without even giving careful attention they simply call such service as Sunday school like that of Western countries.

It is not appropriate to call such children ministry as Sunday school when nation has national public holiday on Saturday. It could have been termed Saturday school for better adjustment to culture of Nepal.

As for me I have never attended and taught on such Sunday School services of Nepal Churches since childhood. I did not like attending Sunday school while it is still Saturday.

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