Weaks tempt strong |15seconds wisdom

 But Joseph said to them, “It is as I said to you. You are spies. By this you shall be tested” Genesis 42:14-15

Strong must let go weak’s weakness || Light doesn’t agree with dark

Spiritual commitments make people strong and weak for faithfulness and truth. Stronger people are always tempted by the weak. Commitment keeps strong away from falling in temptation of weak. Weak have evil slandering mouth, evil staring eyes, evil attacking hands and evil walking legs to provoke strong to engage in their evil traits.  Strong’s battle is against evil traits of the weak, but not against weak, so strong doesn’t act like weak. In due season, weak realizes they have fallen short of spiritual commitment whenever they remember acting foolishly towards strong. Consequently weak starts acting wisely towards strong. Strong knows weak must be loved, forgiven but not trusted until tested and found faultless. It takes many years of hard-work to become strong. Strong knows weak ones still have a long way to go for becoming strong in spiritual commitment.


2 thoughts on “Weaks tempt strong |15seconds wisdom

  1. Ya…You are true..it’s really..really challenging to stay committed to spirituality during the time when devil tempts through weak. I still remember Peter trying to stop Jesus from fulfilling the purpose..It’s really..really difficult and we can’t even rebuke people openly like Jesus when he said, “Get behind me Satan, for you give attention to things of man but not on the things of GOD”..it’s a really heated atmosphere when Joseph is being thrown to pit, sold to slavery and slandered by his brothers…isn’t it


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