Leaders with horns||15Seconds wisdom

And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Matthew 25:33

Sheep with horns

Was spiritual leadership ever about coercion, intellectual and materialism?  Christ and other charismatic leaders around the world stressed on simple living high thinking, people first and serve by washing feet. Materialistic interest has been growing virtually among congregational commercial leaders focusing on wealth-property. Such interest has caused leaders to divert TRUTH to their benefit. Instead of Lamb’s horn, commercial leaders start blowing devil’s horns with wrong message. If the leaders practice charity and hospitality during prosperity like Abraham, Lot and David, they are blowing Lamb’s horn. If they are devouring widow’s houses, camels and offering tithes of mints and herbs without practice of charity and faithfulness, they are blowing devil’s horn. If this behavior continues, devil’s horn blowers will start growing devil’s horn while Lamb’s horn blowers have chance of growing Lamb’s horn. Much later, people will recognize leaders as sheep or goat by just looking at horns.

Goat with horns

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