Be Obedient! How? |15Seconds Wisdom

 There Lord issued a ruling and instruction for them and put them to the test. Exodus 15:25


Faith without obedient action is dead. Action without faith is sin. Such is the teaching of Holy Scriptures and understanding of St.Paul. Action and faith has to come out of submission to GOD’s word. Obedience is listening prescription for doing certain actions. GOD tests obedience through His WORD. Reading and hearing scriptures are must. Actions not aligned with GOD’s WORD are merely doubts-fear. Power of obedience comes from scriptural revelation, wisdom and knowledge from WORD. True blessings comes from obedience to WORD. Psalm 105:19 says of Joseph while in prison “Till what he foretold came to pass,till the word of the Lord proved him true.” Our actions must be approved by WORD. Every obedience can be true only when Word has tested and proved true.

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