Christians with multiple Facebook profiles

“A shamefaced and faithful woman is a double grace, and her continent mind cannot be valued.” Ecclesiasticus 26:15


Facebook, as we know is the most popular social networking sites for connecting people all around the world. It provides a platform for making new friends, keeping track with family, relatives and best buddies. There is more to that, we can even send message, video chat, like pages and operate groups. Above all what we like is to share our statuses and post with pictures, opinions, pages, news, videos, blogs and websites and on and on….

I thought it wise to preach and evangelize to friends with status and post from Bible verses, Christian pictures, videos, news and inspiration since I first opened my Facebook account. Sooner, I realized people really did not like what I was sharing which led me to be quite unpopular among campus friends and Facebook friends.

Ya, I don’t get more likes to posts that I share and that hurts me a lot because people are not ready to accept the TRUTH and Living JESUS with those strong messages.

Facebook contacts give me feedback whenever there is something not related to Bible and Jesus but I got less likes and comments for my Facebook profile picture which sometimes put me to shame, but I did not give up serving Facebook friends with Christian posts.

In 2014 an unusual thing happened, one of church members posted a status like “Don’t be too much showy by posting Christian posts, don’t act as if you Love Christ so much by sharing such posts,” in his Facebook wall. It was a big blow to me when I read those statements and thought “Is he pointing out to me for my Christian posts.”

Soon that guy opened a different Facebook profile and sent me a request.You know what he did with new Facebook profile? He sent requests to Christian friends and started sharing Christian posts in his new Facebook profile walls. Isn’t he brainy?

And there are many Christians like him today who operate two or more Facebook profiles in Nepal. Some of them have those profiles under their own name but most of them with names like -Follower of Jesus, Salvation is Jesus, Light of World, John son of LORD- and many others. You don’t grasp identity of these people operating with such Christian profiles.


They don’t want to be unpopular in Facebook for sharing Christian post with their original identity. Hence they operate with fake Facebook profile to share Christian posts which may sound brainy, smart and wise but in reality, it’s a mere cowardice and they are ashamed of CHRIST.

What if Jesus was present here and using Facebook today? Wouldn’t it be shameful to send friend request to Jesus with fake Christian Facebook accounts and share Christian posts with HIM?

However, I have somehow not taken such a double path, double face and double standards of Facebook networking to share my Christian and non-Christian posts. People know me when I share them. They like it or dislike it; it doesn’t matter to me because I know one thing. They can’t ignore and miss the posts that I have shared. I may not have a single like, but I know I already have a million views and that is enough to glorify my LORD Jesus CHRIST in a pure substance.

It really does not matter what Christians and non-Christians think of me when I share Christ through Facebook. If they still want to be in my Facebook friend, all that they are going to get is 90% Christian posts. Even my group ‘Stop Christian Persecution and others” have membership of both Christians and non-Christians.

Though I don’t get satisfactory feedback, I am glad I am still in their Facebook friends list. Some of them have left, but I don’t mind, that doesn’t discourage me from posting Christian post because “He must become greater; I must become less”

The guy was right when he wrote don’t be showy about Christianity while posting Christian posts and I have hearken to his advice. I have tried best not to be hypocrite, but to have concern to post Christian post in genuine Facebook profile walls to serve genuine LORD.

Sad thing is that friend one day unfriended me from both of his Facebook accounts.

21 thoughts on “Christians with multiple Facebook profiles

  1. Interesting. I am always sharing either scriptures, sermon notes, Christian memes and my life on Facebook. My friends consist of both Christians and non-Christians. It is my hope that my sharing of the gospel might be a seed to be increased later by God. But, I have considered starting a Facebook for my blog because I have been receiving requests but don’t know that it is appropriate “to friend” friends from my blogging community to my personal Facebook page. What do you think?

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    1. I think you can start a facebook page and experiment with it to glorify GOD…to engage blogging community we can add Facebook page plugin to the blogging would be great to include the blogging community in the facebookpage and groups for regular interactions and spur in Christ…


  2. I agree with you. I am not sure what Facebook has done to people, but it has certainly created an unhealthy mentality in society as a whole. I don’t get many likes, either. But, I am going to keep at it. I have noticed, though, that people respond in hordes to big houses, silly selfies with duck lips, and fancy new cars. I think the priorities of human nature is sad indeed. I don’t have a big house, a fancy new car, and I will not take silly selfies with duck lips. I will just continue to share the love of God and remember that the world hated Him first (John 15:18). 🙂

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    1. ya..indeed..and we can know lot about Christians too who surrounds in FB..what do they chose to like and they like world secular ones or do they prefer to pour out their passion for the GODly posts that are shared…just by FB alone we can even know the priorities of Christians as well…Thank you for such encouraging words

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  3. I must admit, Facebook has been a bit of a distraction for me: over a thousand friends but barely a handful of comments when I post something Christian. Thanks for sharing your experience. It reminds me that I am not alone in this.

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