Over personal call consciousness risks undermining God’s call on others

Yet I have left seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth which has not kissed him. I Kings 19:18


People always have a dream, hobby and responsibilities. The problem is, they are too concerned about their call while disregarding other’s GOD’s given purpose.

Moses was angry enough to kill Egyptian who mistreated Israelite brothers. 40 years old Moses was very serious towards drives put by GOD in his heart. But nobody could understand his seriousness. “Who are you to be our Judge and do you want to kill us like that Egyptian,” said misunderstanding Israelite when Moses actually wanted to fulfill his duty.

Moses was so concern for his dream that he spent another 40 years in harsh condition for Godly life than living with luxury in perverted Egypt. When he reached 80 yrs, GOD told him to talk to Israelite elders, leaders and people to free them from Egyptian bondage. Point here is: Though Moses was serious to his drives and call; he missed seriousness about GOD’s call on elders, leaders and other people.

It’s the same with us. We tend to undermine the call and gift of others in Christ. It may sound very small thing for us when some people are fighting for animal rights, health movement, and cultural revolutions political activism etc. Actors seem weird in the eyes of scientist while actors think political leaders are frauds.

 The important question to ask is “What does GOD think?”

See, people of different gifts and professionals have always somehow one way or the other undermined others efforts with worthless feeling. Albeit, aren’t we undermining GOD by giving zero tolerance to other people’s call and drives for their life?

Moses was called to be leader for exodus and law, but he had no concern over elders and chief of Israelites until GOD stepped into his life and told him, “Go and tell the Israelite elders and leaders about the exodus.”

In the desert Moses suffered trying to lead people all by himself, until his father-in-law Jethro advised him to appoint the leaders and elders to guide the Israelites into different groups. Jetro told, “What are you doing is not good by leading the people all by yourself. You will be worn out and cease. Appoint the new elders and leaders.”

All thanks to GOD who spoke through Jethro, Moses finally got rest after following the much awaited advice and solution.

In the eyes of Moses he was the only one to lead the people but in the GOD’s eyes Moses was one those leaders who lead people out of Egypt.

“GOD’s ways are higher than our ways like heaven is higher than earth.”

We will be weary to death and ministries will dwindle if we don’t appoint and respect people called by GOD.

Some may wonder why evil man prevails to exist. The question of evil Egyptians and Pharaoh had been popping in heart of Moses. He was bruised in heart when Israelites did not understand his role for exodus.

Why so much evil? How did Pharaoh forget the goodness of Joseph???

GOD’s answers are-“Through Pharaoh I will display my power and whole earth will know my name and fame.” In GOD’s eyes, even evil people have function to play in a way that somehow glorifies GOD. God knows how to take glory from different tasks of the people.

Today due to that stubborn and proud Pharaoh, we really know the fame and name of our GOD. GOD performed great signs, miracles and wonders that whole earth is afraid of Israelite’s GOD during the time of Moses to present modern world.

Once rich proud prince could not lead Israelites out of Egypt but now the poor humble shepherd could lead the Exodus and present everlasting laws.

See if rich proud Pharaoh had a role to play, even poor humble Moses had a role to play.

The only pivotal thing here is how we want to glorify GOD. Do we want to glorify him through pride of this life or by the humbleness?

One way to glorify GOD is by respecting the call of people.

Spirit knows how to take glory from CHRIST and he also knows how to take glory from Satan. GOD proves HIS glory by rewarding the works of righteous and punishing the works of unrighteous. Both rewarding and punishing displays power and glory of GOD over us.

Let undermining evil people and call on other people be far from us.

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