Followers and Following mystery: Secrets to increase followers


Just recently one of the Christian blogger informed about reaching 300+ WordPress followers which brought lot of joy and blessing to me. I had been following him before he reached that peak of WordPress followers.

One of the followers had commented him: In reality Matt you have 300 people following Jesus with you. We can have Jesus or we can have ministry it’s our choice. I chose Jesus and it is his ministry through me

Such is the delight of having followers. They are delighted when others follow and admire the same person.

To have followers, we have to be followers as well and we can learn this simple truth through WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.

In order to have followers we must be willing to follow as well.

To reach 300+WordPress followers, the Christian blogger was willing to follow others as well. He had followed me and even commented and liked some of my posts after reading them. This tells us about the dedication person had to make new followers in ques to read his spiritual Christ driven writings.

I  was reminded of something about leadership by this auspicious event. I had some years ago came with GOD given idea of Head-Tail leadership-a leader who is ready to be both head and tail to lead people. They should be both in front and behind of the flock.

Its like bloggers who is willing to be both  follower blogger and following blogger. If you are blogger you already know what I mean.

It was the same with Jesus. He not only had followers but He was also following those followers. We know John-the Baptist right. He knew about Jesus and Jesus knew about him since they were cousins as per the gospel books.

John the Baptist said he was not worthy to carry sandals of Jesus, but Jesus came towards following him to be baptized with humbleness. John said “It’s not you who should be baptized by me, but I should be baptized by you.” But Jesus said “Let it be like this for now, this is how we can fulfill the righteousness” Matthew 3:13-15. Look Jesus was willing be baptized to be a baptizer.

Soon the disciples of John-the baptist starting following Jesus.

We can even get this idea of Tail-Head leadership from shepherds leading and following the flocks. If we go to remote areas we find shepherd guiding the sheep herds from behind with the voice of instructions and staff. On the other way round, we also see them leading the sheep flock by marching in front.

So, this simple example is enough to teach us that the leaders must follow the followers occasionally  from behind like Tail. And sometimes they must stand in front of flock to show the way like Head. And it has to be done with humbleness.

It also proves that if Jesus had not stepped down to earth in human form to follow the humans, humans would not have followed HIM. If Jesus had not followed people from house to house, town to town to seeking followers, Jesus would not have followers.

John was right when he said GOD first loved and sought us. It’s not us who first loved and sought HIM. 1 John 4:19

The question to ponder is: “How much effort do we put into to follow people with good motives before they follow us.”

Those in relationship know how hard you have to work out to follow  each other in order for you spouses to be your followers and admirers.

The conclusion of this article is: A leader has to be follower of followers to be better leader.

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