Caleb’s willingness to walk 40yrs in wilderness with his Israelite brothers

If you are willing to walk with your discouraged brothers to encourage them along the way!!!!!! Having faith is not easy…respect the slightest of efforts made by discouraged brothers in their effort to reach the promised land like Caleb


I learnt a lot of lessons from reading blogs that inspired me.

I particularly was awestruck after I read about GOD honoring Caleb’s faith and obedience in an article titled “He Won’t Forget Your Obedience” typed by Brandon J Adams-a Christian blogger. Please read for details on

See Caleb has been one of my favorite Bible character for his vibrant obedience and faith on GOD to triumph mountain peak and gigantic men troubles.

In fact Caleb was so confident he wanted to win the promised land as soon as possible.

Numbers 13:30 puts his urgency to possess promised land :Then Caleb quieted the people before Moses, and said, “Let us go up at once and take possession, for we are well able to overcome it.”

How much great his urgency to possess the land, GOD was not so urgent and made him wander 40 more years along with disobedient Israelite in scorching dry wilderness.

Numbers 14:10 accounts even more grim scenery of Caleb almost being stoned by disobedient Israelite along with Moses, Aaron and Joshua. If GOD had not intervened on the clouds, poor Caleb would have died from the hands of disobedient Israelites.

According to Joshua 14:10 Caleb was tetatively 38-40 years old during spying of Canaan land and Israelites rebellion. 

Reading further Numbers 15-36 chapters Israelites produced even more troubles during  40 years wandering like leaders rebelled against Aaron’s priesthood were swollen by earth, Moses error while striking rock, Israelites die by serpent bites, battle with giant King Og and Sihon, harlotry in Moan, Israelite army men’s fondness for captive Midianites women.

All through 40 extra years of wilderness troubles and testing, Caleb was faithful to the Lord amid disobedient ones before inheriting the promised land of Horeb by 85 years in Joshua14:13-14.

He remained leader and Captain of Judha tribe for rest of his life until death. As a matter of fact he was one of those leaders who led Israelites to promised land with patience participating with their  toils and suffering.

In Hebrew Caleb means a dog and a heart. Caleb followed GOD like a dog would follow it’s master with faithful and obedient heart.

GOD witnessed about Caleb saying But my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and has followed me fully, him will I bring into the land into where he went; and his seed shall possess it.” Numbers 14:24

“The lesson here is: The faithful and obedient we will have to bear brunt of faithless and disobedient to set an everlasting prototype of the blessed ONES in eternity.”

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