3D effects of Hollywood vs Dream

This topic is not on “What is your dream? What do you dream to become in future?”

I am writing about the dream during our sleep. We can’t stop sleeping and if you know you can’t stop sleeping, you know you can’t stop dreaming.

If we have to dream then we have to sleep.

The dream rules and pulls us to different world where we have strange feelings stronger than visual effects of the Hollywood movies can ever give. It’s like “Hollywood I can close my eyes and watch a new world movies created by dreams better than 3D effects” Trust me! Hollywood is nothing compared to what you go through in dreams. It’s free off-course!!!

I often ended looking down my pillows for money after I dreamed about finding lot of coins in dream. Sometimes night dream became a reality  next day. For example the dream showed me a man commit suicide. Next day he was all over newspapers for death suicide. Gosh! I really knew the person, he was sponsoring some street kids for education and was quite famous for social work.


Other times dreams just remained dream creating a fuzz of confusion and tension which never happened in reality. I was filled with sweat allover while failing to solve Maths in dream but thank GOD it never came true. Sometimes it’s like “Thank GOD it was just a dream” when you wake up from frightening dream in the middle of night.

Some say GOD speaks to us through night’s dream like in case of Jacob and Joseph.

Other times it’s just the overthinking, curiosity, anxiety just as Ecclesiastes 5:3 puts it “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business”

Once a Pastor said sometimes we have dog’s dream which is meaningless. url

We have dream interpretators to interpret dream like Joseph did to Pharaoh and his wine bearer or Daniel’s interpretation to Nebuchadnezzar. Those who don’t care about dreams do they care about it’s CREATOR? Joseph and Daniel said the dreams were from GOD.

I feel sorry of scientists, philosophers, historians, Psychologists and all  others who tried to cover topic but ended with failure. Men have reached space, moon, Mars but they still don’t know the world of dreams they land every now and then when they are asleep.

Just wonder what your pets  dream when they  asleep.If there is sleep there is dream.



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