GOD, self or others ||15 Seconds Wisdom

When a man’s ways are pleasing to the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him|| Proverbs 16:7

jesus-knocking-the-door-e1375921604955It’s hard to know whether people live for GOD, self or others. The distinction between GOD and self can be done through priorities and interests. Does particular actions, people, subjects, objects, stories, movies, scriptures etc gives joy because it’s interesting to self or GOD. There are factors  which don’t interest GOD but is happiness for self. For example Samuel who wanted to anoint David’s elder brother who was pleasant, interesting and handsome until GOD intervened saying man look at appearance but GOD in heart and intentions. Some people live for others and self but not for GOD for example King Saul who did things to please people than obeying GOD’s word. Another factor to find whether living for GOD, self and others is love and faith. GOD has to be loved  and trusted more than self and others. Paul warned about difficulty to please Lord among married couples who were distracted by needs of their members especially when either of the spouses is quarrelsome and grumbler. So is love, priority, interests, joy, trust directed towards GOD, self or others? The person who loves and trusts GOD’s interest and priorities  is the only one who can love their family and neighbors. It begins with GOD and then self and others and ends with GOD.  Hence Jesus taught prayer accordingly FATHER in heaven first, give US bread second and forgive as we forgiven OTHERS in third closing with power and glory of GOD. Because every good things actually comes from GOD.


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