Valleys,Downs,Ups|| 15 Seconds Wisdom


You have walked longtime with stagnant devoted life.Same rituals, devotions, worship, church and people. Life is boring. Then GOD brings sudden storm which turns your life upside down. A new world starts unraveling with Ups-Downs instead of Valleys. The stagnant Valley lacked spiritual refreshment despite prosperity with sad empty heart thirsting for spiritual outpouring. When storm-waves tosses you Up and Down, you are hopeless during Downs where you lose everything with no way out. You wished for that same dry stagnant Valley instead of troubling Downs. Then GOD starts Ups where you start hoping with gradual spiritual outpouring.To maintain Ups you begin to read, pray, eat, fast, worship and meditate GOD’s word because man lives by every words proceeded from GOD’s mouth. GOD begins to show you the mountain tops of Ups to sacrifice everything to GOD.It’s hard to sacrifice selfish wills, blessings and best people, still you start a journey for top to sacrifice. Your heart is broken.GOD does not need sacrifice; he needs broken heart of faith. He is happy you reach mountain top with blooded broken-contrite-faithful heart. He returns back all your blessings like Isaac back to Abraham. In addition he gives new blessings of sacrificial Lamb. Only sacrificial Lamb sustained you in Valleys, Downs and Ups. Then you realize it was only test of your faith, nothing more, only that mattered was repenting broken heart where Lamb Jesus could enter and reside for ever. Now you have everything. No more thirst! No more hunger!

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