Parables: Prince who gifted empty box for beautiful but poor woman

A wealthy prince gifted a box to a beautiful but poor rural woman. Poportrait-young-girl-holding-empty-gift-box-isolated-white-background-60372099or woman happily opened the gift box only to be dismayed to find it empty. Angry beauty started spreading bad news of empty box. Angry citizens marched to palace to mock Prince for empty gift box. Prince silenced crowed taking beautiful woman by the hand saying, “I was in love with her since the time I first saw her. I filled gift box with my breadth. Today she does not have any empty box, but a box filled with my breadth of life.”

Whole crowd was suspicious at Princes’ reply.

To prove his point true Prince said to the woman, “Will you marry me, I can’t live without you.”

Gold necklace for who listen and understand, Flower garland for who don’t listen and understand

Who have ears let them hear what the Spirit is saying.

Jesus said on the Cross it is finished and gave up his Spirit breathing is last. GOD blew breadth of life in Adam. Everything that has breadth praise HIM forever!!!!

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