God has not forgotten your dreams

Cursing birthday is sign of forgetting GOD’s dream predestined before creation.


There was a time, I felt nudge of GOD putting his dream and purpose in me during childhood but these testing days, I sometimes question myself about GOD’s dream. ‘Was that GOD’s dream and purpose for me? Or was it just imagination popped out of my selfish motives and lusts.”

GOD’s dreams are unfathomable for us to attain by our working outs. No I am not saying this, Bible explains it all.

 Yesterday; I was worried praying , “Lord I don’t know what is happening in my life. What happened to all my efforts I had made for my dreams? If that were none sense then please lead me to right track?”

It’s natural to feel guilty of sin and mistakes during such dark times. So I said, “Lord sorry for mistakes if it isn’t your will.”

After sometime, Joseph’s two dreams and consequent troubles from his persecuting brothers and Egyptians illuminated my mind. He had ended in prison but after interpreting Pharaoh’s dream he became the second ruler of Egypt.

During the years of famine, Joseph had almost forgotten the dream until his brothers showed up. Genesis 42:9

GOD showed me even though Joseph had forgotten the dream, GOD had not forgotten it.

Likewise, Israelites forgot GOD’s covenants during slavery in Egypt but GOD remembered his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Moses had vision of GOD during 40s but forgot in deserts of Median. He had not even circumcised his son and GOD was angry enough to kill him. He met GOD in burning bush but he had lost faith, dream and always brought excuses before GOD in case of leading Israelites to Promised Land. The scriptures say GOD was angry with Moses for making excuses. He said Israelites wouldn’t listen to him like they did in the past. Exodus 4:14

But GOD had not forgotten the dream put in Moses.

Job forgot his dream and started cursing his days of birth. Has anyone been there before? I have been there many times where I have said, “It would be great if I was never born.” Job wanted to die as soon as possible for redemption in Spirit, but eventually GOD appeared to him and rewarded the repented heart along with prosperity. Job 3:1, 38:1

The cursing of birthday is sign of forgetting GOD’s dream predestined before creation.

The disciples of Jesus forgot to carry out the mission as Apostles and they were back fishing in seashore, until Jesus appeared and recommissioned them to preach gospel and heal people.

I learnt dreams are secured in GOD’s hand. Dreams are like a covenant between individual and GOD. GOD can never forget to fulfill the covenants; hence GOD does not forget to fulfill dreams even if individuals forgets the dream.

2 thoughts on “God has not forgotten your dreams

  1. God takes forgetting pretty seriously. Sometimes he simply rolls his eyes and reminds us of what we’ve forgotten; other times he strands entire nations in the desert. With Israel on the borders of Canaan, the ten spies got so fearful that they started making up threats and getting bitter. As I read it, I sensed God convicting me of my fear: “You’re doing the same thing, fearfully simulating hard endings in your mind that I have not ordained.” So I knocked it off. Didn’t want to end up like the Israelites!

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    1. Thanks Brand..it indeed take us no time when we start forgetting good things of GOD..it takes no time to forget his commands and dreams especially during the testing times…every one knows this! we humans are really weak…and we become strong every time when GOD steps into our situations….We have a mighty and caring GOD….all thanks be to HIM

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