People who risk reward

Lesson from 12 Tribe’s inheritance in Promised Land


Reaching heaven depends on personal walk and relationship with GOD.

Our Bible has little information on Enoch leaving behind powerful testimony

Enoch started walking faithfully with GOD for 300 yrs after he reached 65 years old and he was taken up to heaven. Genesis 5:23-24. His faith is mentioned in Hebrews 11:5 and Jude 1:14-15 talks about Enoch prophesying about LORD’s final judgment on people. Bible says, Enoch and all the other faithful people were longing for a better country-the heavenly one Hebrew 11:6. He is the first man to reach heaven not even tasting death. Can we even imaging the rewards he inherited from GOD?

Heavenly rewards

Many believers take it very lightly to enter heaven just because they believe on GOD but James 2:19 say “Even demons believe and shudder” James made it clear that without work faith is dead. James 2:14-25 gives us long list of deeds of love required to accompany faith.

We know when 12 tribes of Israel entered the Promised Land, some tribes got more while other tribes got less. Caleb who walked faithfully inherited Mount Horeb, even his daughter Aksha inherited much land while Joshua  inherited bigger portion individually Joshua 19:50. Ruben lost his elder son-ship to Joseph because of his adultery with father’s concubine 1 Chronicles 5:1

Levis were scattered among Israelites with no territories fulfilling prophecy of Jacob Genesis 49:7. Levi and Simeon had murdered men of Sechem. Moses did not bless murderous Simeon in Deuteronomy 33 and Simeon was least populous tribe Numbers 26:14 due to which they received only some lands.

Dan lost their territory Judges 19:47 neither is he found in genealogy of 1 Chronicles 1-10 and Revelation 7 among 144000 Jew virgins. According to sources Dan continued persecuting Joseph even after staying in Egypt and started gold calf worship 1 Kings 12.

What kind of prince do we want to be? Do we want to inherit bigger and best rewards or just be happy with small rewards? We could go to heavenly city, Promised Land, New Jerusalem City but will we have rewards?

Truth about Moses who missed the Promised Land

Moses missed the Promised Land but bible tells us that Moses was actually longing for Heavenly City. Hebrews 11:16. Nobody knows where GOD buried him when he died Deuteronomy 34:5-8. But Jude 1:9 says Devil could not claim body of Moses from archangel Micheal. What actually happened in the Mount Pisga from where Moses only viewed the Promised Land? Moses did not die but was taken to heaven. What Jude says is correct according to time when Moses and Eliza met Jesus during transfiguration in the mountain in the witness of Peter, James and John according to Matthew 17:1-12. Both Eliza and Moses could meet Jesus because they had been taken alive to heaven or else Moses wouldn’t be qualified for transfiguration event and Jude would not write such witness in his letters.

My best wishes is let us love with deeds of faith and hope and end with better rewards that Father is pleased to hand in our hands.


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