Humble with smile||15 Seconds Wisdom


They do disruptive things to make you cry, but what you should have done is laugh aloud with 32 teeth displayed and brightly shined.  They will want you to be down but what you should have done is leave them from that level and start climbing up so that they would not stop looking up at you. They will want you to be dead but be refreshed and resurrected winning over death. However always be ready to look down to help them because the humble one always bows down, not because s/he is weak but s/he is tall and strong. It’s tall who bows to shorter ones and dwarfs. Remember how parents, relatives and big siblings bow to small crying, stubborn, arrogant baby to cuddle, talk, sing lullabies, rock in cradles and carry on their shoulders and arms. Look! How standing teacher who knows better, always looks down to teach the students in class to pass knowledge.  Be like Jesus, though GOD became flesh to be with man and got despised by the mere childish Jewish and Gentiles of this world. This is how childish Christians and Non-Christians will treat you. Today, everyone believes Jesus is GOD and worships him because he bowed low, became humble, washed feet and served. Jesus knew what a true KING is, True KING serves his servants with humbleness because true KING knows everything, is all powerful and all present. True KING bows to HIS subjects standing and sitting on floors, dust because HE is ruling from heavenly throne. If you want to inherit the promise of prince and rulers then be ready to humble with smile because only humble can bless truly.

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