Not shaken by Earthquake||Witness

Whoever dwells in the shelter of Most High will rest in the shadow of Almighty||Psalm 91:1


It was April 25, 2015 during the Saturday Sabbath day in Church, I was worshiping with believers to our LORD.

Suddenly  ground started shaking voilenty.

The choir team started clapping as if it was the visitation of GOD’s shaking the Church like when earthquake struck prison when Paul and Silas were praising LORD in Acts 16:26.

But everyone started running for lives !!

They ran everywhere and many of them made their way out. I also tried to run outside for safety. What happened to me I don’t know. It was as if I had lost my mind.

Then I thought of praying to GOD in the corner of shaking Church.

Kneeling down with bowed head and eyes tightly closed to the Church floor, I could hear all sorts of rattling noise of earthshaking too and fro, up and down. I practically thought it was the end of the world and second coming of JESUS.

With fear in mind I started praying, “Dear GOD, I might have committed lot of sins, so forgive me before I die of this violent earthquake.This may be your second coming and end of world with scriptures fulfilled.” I prayed whatever come into mind but can’t recall now. I waited for shaking to stop but it would not stop. Sometimes it would stop for a second and then again come back with another shaking rattling sound.

I thought it was time to die and rest in the hands of Almighty GOD. I was happy, It was during my days that Jesus was coming second time and bringing world to end.

I could hear people cry, shout and quarrel out of fear.

After shaking was bit slow, Pastor  called me and said, “Thomas, it’s OK, go home before earthquake becomes more violent”

Opening my eyes saw no one inside Church except fearful pastor who wanted me to stop praying and go home.

I told him, “No it’s OK. Nothing will happen, GOD is our protector.”I continued praying.

Finally  earthquake halted.

After a while, fearful and tearful believers started to come inside the Church. But the elder of the Church said “Go home for safety before earthquake comes again.”

Everyone started leaving Church one by one and then I also started my way back home.

Thank GOD nothing happened to my parents and siblings. Thank GOD he protected us and Church members from such disaster.

7.8 magnitude Nepal Earthquake April 25, was about 1 minutes long with  many aftershocks killing more than 9000 and injuring over 22,000 Nepalese including my aunt.My village Sindupalchowk was worst hit with all the properties and houses damaged with 3550 people killed and 3000 missed.


8 thoughts on “Not shaken by Earthquake||Witness

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness….just keep on being in touch like this…so that we could be encouraging each other for better lives in CHRIST…even being 1000s of miles away, fellowship and care does create life impacting force…and who knows we might be blessing to each other after all…isn’t it

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