Faith-Hope-LOVE || 15 Seconds Wisdom

And now these three remain: Love, faith and hope. But the great among these is LOVE. 1 Corinthians 13:13


Have you ever watched a movie with trio actors in which you can’t decide who really performed best? The story is actually based on main actor supported by two actors.Well, Bible has three virtues which makes you difficult to choose for shaping personality. Bible glorified love with greatest commands like love GOD and neighbors. GOD is love! says Apostle John. Faith is confidence on unseen things hoped. Faith already has hope, without hope there is no faith. But Love always trusts and hopes say Paul. How about understanding the trio this way? Ever heard of buy one get two free while shopping? The point is if you have love, you already possess faith and hope. God so love the world that HE gave HIS only son (LOVE) but along with it, HE also free gifted world with faith and hope. That whosoever believes in him (Faith) shall have eternal- life (hope). Did you see? God gave Love that already has faith and hope packaged for our salvation. So it’s all about love story that needed supporting faith and hope. Isn’t GOD’s love story great when it comes with support of faith and hope.  Now there remains three: faith, hope and LOVE. But great among these is LOVE. You now know why LOVE is great.


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