Witch-Turned-Christian Says There Is a Connection Between Yoga and Satan

Czarina Ong 18 December 2016


Yoga enthusiasts might dismiss allegations that yoga involves satanic acts. However, a former witch turned Christian named Beth Eckert warned that yoga is actually a form of spiritual alignment with the Hindu goddess Shakti.

“I know that there is such a huge controversy around yoga,” Eckert shared on her video blog. “If you look at yoga, it just seems like this great way to get healthy and align your body and your spirit and stretch, and people just absolutely love it.”

On her blog, Eckert wrote that channeling energy is an age-old practice that demons use to move from one place to another. So whenever people channel their energies in yoga, Eckert said the demon is making its move.

“It is a form of witchcraft, and it is not a practice that brings a person into alignment with the Spirit of God. Even meditation is a form of moving energy as you are trying to move your energy into a certain direction, thought pattern or process in order to gain something. That is witchcraft,” she said.

People might assume that yoga will provide the body with several health benefits, but Eckert warned that doing these Eastern spiritual practices will only do otherwise. By aligning the body with the kingdom of darkness, Eckert said people are inviting the devil to cause great harm to one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing.


“Once you bring these practices into your life, you are also inviting these demonic entities into your home and your family. Yoga in particular is very dangerous because of the momentum it has gained in our world today, even within the Christian church,” she said.

For those who have participated in yoga of any sort, Eckert urged them to take time off from the practice and devote themselves instead in prayer to God. She clarified though that God does not hate anyone who has done yoga, or is doing yoga, but still people must wake up to the truth that practicing the dark arts is not healthy and good.

“We must bring everything before the Lord Jesus Christ to see things from the perspective that is far higher than our own. He is beyond time and space and knows all things, and it is that wisdom that we need to seek in order to have clarity and discernment in a world full of darkness and lies,” she said.


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