Don’t forget GOD|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

Forgetting things are quite common among people busy with many things at the same time. Overworking people even lose their mind if they don’t have plans written in notepads for remembrance. Once, Thomas Alva Edison forgot his name due to extensive involvement in 1000s of experiments before inventing electric bulbs. Likewise, believers are in danger to forget GOD if they are busy with worldly care and selfishness. No matter how many times Moses wrote the Israelite not to forget GOD but in consequent chapters of Joshua, Judges, Prophets and Histories- Israelites forgot GOD forsaking him and worshipping idols. Moses warned not to forget GOD when they prospered with food, property and family. Believers forget GOD easily when they don’t give damn about GOD’s commands and words but give priority to surround them with worldly needs even when they have abundance. If, believers want to remember GOD they must pay attention to Words of GOD that produces faith for obedience.

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