Past-Present-Future||15 Seconds Wisdom

13599282-past-present-future-traffic-sign-on-a-sky-backgroundMany say past is of no use while it’s important to concentrate on present and not to worry about future. If these were true, GOD would not create passage of time with past-present-future. He would not have said, “I am same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” He wouldn’t say “I am the beginning and last.” If beginning is pasts (yesterdays), end is futures (tomorrows), the middle part must be presents (todays). Past must be used to correct mistakes by remembering GOD’s blessing to uphold the present situation where life is in gloom or bloom. Present should be lived by focusing on future hope in GOD’s eternal life, fellowship and heavenly rewards. It’s the present that converts to past and future. Turn present to past with records of GOD’s goodness and weakness correction. Turn present to future by hopping to another opportunity of better hope of eternal life, heavenly rewards and fellowship with GOD. The only thing to avoid in past-present-future is worry. Be happy in yesterday-today-tomorrow!


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