All rounder’s risk ||15 Seconds Wisdom

uzziah-leperIn cricket, some players are all-rounder to field, bat and ball, but with specialist in either of the one. Leonardo DaVinci was artist, sculptor, scientist, inventor and wrote prophecies. Yet, DaVinci was expert artist than other vocations. King Uzziah was dethroned suffering leprosy while trying to perform priest’s duty in GOD’s temple. Similarly King Saul was dethroned after performing sacrificial ritual permitted to Samuel prophet. Christians habitual with putting hands on many things should not forget special GOD’s calling in life not going beyond GOD’s purpose or else they are likely to face consequences of King Saul and Uzziah. Apostles did not pretend to be prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists but sincerely delegated seven other Spirit-filled disciples to manage Jerusalem Church reasoning Apostles should concentrate on Words and prayer ministry. So is there any all rounders pretending to know and do everything to outsmart GOD, Apostles, Disciples and Church?

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