Why Do Churches Treat Singleness Like a Problem?

“Don’t worry, you’ll find the right man,” she said to me (for the third time) just before shoving me into the dreaded gaggle of single ladies waiting for the bouquet to be tossed.

“Well, what if I don’t,” I asked. “What if I never meet the one? What if I never get married or have kids or ‘settle down?’ Will you still value me?”

It’s a question I have been faced with numerous times in my thirtysomething years: If I remain single, what will that do for my ministry, my growth, my friendships and my relationship with the Church?
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2 thoughts on “Why Do Churches Treat Singleness Like a Problem?

  1. “You’re not truly mature until you marry, therefore you cannot be a leader in the church.”

    I saw that line in the comments. It’s a howler. Maturity is reached through struggle, and trust me…singles who remain faithful to God despite having their heart’s desires denied for decades have struggled. They are worthy to lead and teach. Their faith has been refined in ways marrieds cannot imagine. A different kind of refinement, to be sure, but refinement nonetheless.

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  2. Yes Brand…there are many such Stereotypes…but you are right…leadership doesn’t need marriage certificates…that’s it…but stereotypes know to give excuses to keep singles away from many opportunity..what they don’t realize is that some singles may be really in LOVE with GOD ya so that they don’t have time for spending thoughts on some fading beauty, passion, pleasure…relationship is not just limited to marriage..under Christ we all are family


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