Witnessing || 15 Seconds wisdom


Christians love witnessing while evangelizing people and preaching believers. These days personal witness is popular in Church for believers to share blessing. Bible has asked to share to everything good things with each other, hence believers mouth witness about GOD’s work in their lives. GOD witnessed Christ through three: Father, Spirit and Word or Blood, Water and Spirit as per Apostle John. For GOD it’s not about only personal witness, he has the angels and people to witness. Even evil spirit witnessed Son of GOD in gospel books. How about believers following same pattern for witnessing by two, three or more people? Did not Jesus and Moses command for two, three or more people to witness events? Yes, even for the personal witness, there must be more than two persons. That’s the reason Jesus sent two by two 12 twelve Apostles and 70 disciples to witness. Individual witness is deemed inaccurate lacking witness procedures as per commands of Jesus in New Testament and Moses in Old Testament.


2 thoughts on “Witnessing || 15 Seconds wisdom

  1. That’s excellent…you are such a blessed person to have a church like that who trains you to evangelism..i mean that’s what Jesus was doing to his disciples…u r blessed to have such training church…really


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