Blessed Bloggers change me | Witness

It’s my sincere thanks to GOD and bloggers for blessing me with your blessed blog posts.

I started blogging to have fellowship with Christians by taking advantage of WordPress Christian bloggers since August 2016 during tough times. Glad to announce that 58 bloggers are watering and planting me with GOD given blessing for Spiritual maturity.  


Blessings of Bloggers

  • Witness: I really don’t feel tired of bloggers’ detailed witnesses. Reading your witness has spurred me to standstill on the name of GOD even if it means end of the world
  • Sermons, Devotionals, Poems: I usually prefer to read pastors, leaders and young enthusiasts who walked with LORD. Sermons provide revelations for creativity in my sermons and blog. Short devotionals have become wisdom and insights working as spiritual snacks for evening and morning. Poetic lines remind me of Psalms and Song of Songs.
  • Pictures and videos: The photographs and videos with quotes, phrases and messages information within short time. Pictures speak more than 1000 words for eyes and soul.
  • Feedback: The bloggers feedback towards my posts with likes, comments, reply, reblogging, sharing has impacted my writing positively and to understand bloggers perspectives.
  • Non-Christian bloggers: Meanwhile after non-Christian bloggers started to follow, a revelation struck my mind that I should follow non-Christian bloggers and shower blessings of Christ. Non Christian bloggers have been a blessing by sharing their high quality photographs, travelogues, lifestyle, beauty tips, cooking, art, culture, sports and news.

Blogger’s impact on my life

  • Faith: Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes from Word of GOD. The GOD’s word and witness shared by bloggers uphold my faith through reading and practicing the truths.
  • Prayer: I usually end of giving thanks to the GOD and Bloggers for their post. Replying and commenting with prayers and interacting with bloggers have given a feeling of fellowship.
  • Loving: I am encouraged to share post out of love but not for mere popularity. I am pleased even if one of the bloggers has benefitted from my posts shared. Jesus’s words keep me awake “For whosoever hath, to him shall be given and he shall have more abundance, but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath”
  • Accountability: I have been more responsible for sharing posts and ready to accept comment, suggestion and criticism. I am accountable to write for others to pass GOD’s message.
  • Others: Obedience, preparing sermons and posts, writing for other Christian news portals (two of my articles were recently published), witnessing, understanding culture of western nations and on and on. The list doesn’t end here. Ya I am changing off course!!!




7 thoughts on “Blessed Bloggers change me | Witness

  1. Awesome post! As you have said, I have been blessed by reading the posts of other bloggers. You are one of them. It is always a blessing to know that someone has been affected by christian blogging. I pray that God continues to use you to reach the hearts of other readers! God bless!

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  2. I have been blessed by reading your posts, thank YOU! And this post is a beautiful reminder for so many things. Especially one thing near to my heart- that we continue to INFILTRATE and NOT ISOLATE as Christians… we should follow non-Christian blogs and hopefully we can draw non-Christians to OUR blogs… for how can we ever make new disciples if we don’t venture forth??? A sad comment I once heard from someone was “all my friends are Christians” or “we only hang out with Christians”… just imagine if CS Lewis’ friends had felt this way, they never would have kept meeting with him and talking with him and disciplining him and maybe he never would have converted, and we would t have his wonderful Christian writings…We are called to live out the gospel to everyone… we are called to invite everyone to the table… so thank you for reminding us of this today! Many blessings to you!!!!

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