Rash oaths-Yes,No || 15 Seconds wisdom


There are times where oaths, contracts, covenants and commitment are important in every walk of life- job, marriage, friendship, court trials, relationships etc. Promises keep people in touch and love. But promises and covenants between GOD and Wo/Man, its GOD fulfilling vs man breaking them.  Hose 6:7 reveals Adam broke GOD’s covenant in Eden. God knew man is unable to keep covenant. Jesus therefore warned not make rash oaths in the name of heaven, head, earth and Jerusalemn City but instructs for Yes or No to GOD’s will. Usually men break personal promises made with GOD not knowing if GOD is happy with personal oaths. Jeptha had to sacrifice virgin daughter owing rash promises. Trying to move GOD out of personal oaths has risk due to man’s deceptive character. Instead of putting GOD in position to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ it is better for humans to hear GOD and respond with ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.


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