Why backslide disciples misunderstood flesh of Jesus?

There is lot of understanding why many disciples unfollowed Jesus the next day after witnessing miracle of feeding 5000. Jesus had challenged crowd to eat HIS flesh and drink blood to live and resurrect. The disciples misunderstood Jesus, John 6:66 writes “From that time many disciples went back and walked with Jesus no more.”

Why were disciples following Jesus?img

In John6:26 Jesus made the crowd clear that they were following Jesus for free food but no Words, signs and wonders. Often people convert to Christianity for materialistic well being GOD is willing to bless, but little do they care about words, truth and works of the Spirit-signs and miracles. God is concerned about physical needs but that doesn’t mean people have to prioritize materialistic blessing over Spiritual. Yesterday Jesus was filled with tears to feed 5000 but today they became gluttons over delicacies.

They believed Jesus for wrong reasons.

They wanted to benefit from popularity of Jesus expecting that one day they might be in palace as fellow citizens with big bucks of Jesus King over throwing Roman Empire. They may had many weird reasons for following Jesus.

What concerned Jesus over materialistic disciples?

Jesus was plain, “You don’t live by perishable bread, eat me to live, because I am bread of life.” Jesus is Word, Truth and Life manifested in flesh. “Man does not leave by bread alone but by every Words from GOD’s mouth,” rebuked Jesus to devil and suggested Moses to Israelites. Disbelieving GOD’s word is death. In order to live eternally believers have to feed on Jesus-the Word, Truth, Way and Life.

What’s body of Jesus?

The body of Jesus is GOD’s word manifested in flesh and blood as per John1:14. Jesus reminded the disciples of Moses spoke of HIM in Torah. Moses taught Israelites in Deuteronomy 8:3 GOD disciplines to show “Man does not live by bread alone but by every word proceeds from GOD’s mouth.”

GOD’s WORD keeps us from death, sickness, poverty and worst. GOD word is more than life. GOD’s word  is life giver. Moses was simply saying man need Jesus to live and GOD disciplines to make them understand.

What GOD didn’t do for backslidden disciples?

GOD did not discipline them like Israelites to make them understand body and flesh of manifested Word JESUS. They did not believe on Moses according to Jesus, so there was no question for backslidden disciples to believe Jesus. Jesus tried HIS best to correct misunderstanding. But they were ready to follow only if provision were served in plates disregarding Spirit’s work and Words.


What more is body of Jesus?

Jesus said his flesh and blood is real eatables for life and resurrection. Jesus related himself with Father and Spirit like a parable unable to grasp by mere minds interested in material bread. Finally Jesus says to them John 6:63, “The words that I speak are Spirit and Life.” Moses was truly speaking of Jesus when he said “Man lives by every words proceeded from GOD’s mouth” What is Jesus saying, “See I am that GOD who speaks words to give Life and Holy Spirit.”

Moses left everything for Christ alone as per Hebrew 11:26

Since Jesus spoke like a parable, I also don’t want to go beyond telling parables: Jesus is Word, GOD is Word, Spirit is Word, Father is GOD and Father is Word. Word became flesh and blood JESUS begotten son of WORD, GOD, Spirit and Father. Father is Spirit and Son is Spirit. If anybody question who is Jesus? From today this parable will be the answer. Let them misunderstand, not believe and come up with theologies but I try best to say this parable. Jesus cast demons out with Spirit of GOD and Finger of GOD according to Matthew 12:28 and Luke 11:20…it’s no more a parable for me.

3 thoughts on “Why backslide disciples misunderstood flesh of Jesus?

  1. Thank you for reminding us that a new year’s needs will be fully met in Christ our Lord. We’re grateful that there is never a time that we may not be filled with His fullness and “grace for grace.” Blessing from His Word for the new year ~ Fran
    (You have a great gift of love for His Word. May I send you a gift? I would need your email address.)

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  2. Thanks Fran…it’s needed to follow and believe Christ for right reasons according to his flesh. word and spirit. I want to thank you for your blessings, because some people just end up wishing without blessing…you just went extra mile willing to bless with gift through email…My email is gadolelohai.ministries@gmail.com…meanwhile i would want to bless u in the name of GOD as well for this New Year 2017

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