Handling Persecutors||15 Seconds Wisdom

Racism, religious extremism, nationalism, gender discrimination among many others is root of persecution. Persecution arises from materialistic ego. The creature ‘Devil’ is fond of killing, stealing and destroying as per Jesus. 99.9% of persecutors follow killing, stealing and destroying to quench materialistic pride. The scriptures show evil ones-lawless sinners always persecute good one-fearing GOD. The persecution prevails among so called GOD’s people like Cain, Esau, Joseph’s brothers etc persecuting Abel, Jacob and mankind to fulfill Devilish pattern of livelihood. GOD dislikes persecution roots and agents. Persecutors need prayer. Submit to GOD and rebuke persecutors and they will run away with their master Persecutor Devil-dark spirits. Keep on invoking GOD’s word to persecutor’s ears 24/7 that has the power to make-break, flee-draw them against-for GOD.


4 thoughts on “Handling Persecutors||15 Seconds Wisdom

  1. The strength and sincerity of your faith comes through clearly in your posts. If you will allow me, however, I’d like to add this:

    That we are being persecuted does not mean we have been abandoned by God (or judged “unworthy”). To the contrary, God may well be using us as an example to inspire others. Persecuted, we reflect His glory, and serve as a witness to our very persecutors. Even in persecution, God somehow sustains us.

    That our persecutors may appear to triumph, does not mean we have failed. God’s timing may not be ours. Their triumph is temporary. Richard Wurmbrand, tortured by the Communists for his faith, went on to found Voice of the Martyrs, a non-profit serving the persecuted church worldwide. The Holocaust — horrific as it was — served as the incentive for creation of the modern state of Israel.

    Our persecutors are really the ones to be pitied. They are lost while we have been guaranteed life eternal.

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