Mind blowing 2017 New Year Resolutions

This is going to blow mind of some people when they hear this New Year 2017 resolutions for improving  unique but very bad habit. 

I am suffering from bad habit of ignoring opportunities and good people. I really don’t understand what really goes into my mind when opportunities and good people come knocking door of my heart promising a better life. Is it my Christ consciousness that is keeping me away from such opportunity and good people or is it that I really do not know how to live life respecting opportunity and people around me. Usually, it’s because I think such people and opportunity do not uplift me Spiritually, anyways that has just landed me in loneliness. But isn’t it true that bad company is destructive? Or is that I should really compromise with people who really don’t give damn about the KINGDOM and I am talking about both Christians and Non-Christians. You know what I am talking about. How can ox and donkey plough together?


Or is that I am too scared that people are disturbing me from fulfilling GOD’s will, call and purpose? What’s running me away from people and opportunity? Is it ambition I am pursuing aggressively that others don’t understand?  Or is it sudden change of circumstances unable to understand by people and me? Rich and powerful Moses thought he can kill, scold and deliver Israelites ending to flee to Deserts for 40 years in poverty until he was the most humble man on whole earth. I don’t understand what’s going on with me. Am I on the path to be humble? Nobody knows..only GOD does

Yes I have decided my best to stop ignoring opportunity and good people that love me. I just want to say sorry for hurting them. 

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