Which came first? Believe or Belief

Just another chicken or egg question? Which came first? Believe or belief 

The 12 disciples heard John the Baptist, read Torah, listened to Pharisees, rabbis, Sadducees and parents before becoming Apostles of Jesus. They believed gospel of John the Baptist taking water baptism eagerly waiting Baptism of Fire and Spirit of Jesus-Son of GOD. Yet they said Luke 17:5, “Increase our faith” After death of Jesus, their faith was gone not believing two women witnessing resurrected Christ. Finally Jesus started explaining everything from Scriptures and their faith was regained.


So what came first? Believe or Belief

Belief comes first

Belief is set of ideal, principles, framework, norms, values, mission, vision and statement that people believe. Without belief there can be no Faith. Hence if someone believes in GOD, he is filled with the GOD’s belief. GOD is not only faithful; HE is also WORD expressing beliefs.GOD is faithful to HIS WORD and HIS belief. GOD communicates  his beliefs through spoken, whispered, revealed, written and unwritten WORD. GOD knows how to speak to all three dimensions of humans-mind, body and spirit with every language and words ever created.

Believe in GOD’s beliefs

Sources of belief

  • The scriptures, witnesses, signs, wonders, Spirits gift, messages etc are the sources of GOD’s belief. A rich man in hell wanted heavenly Lazarus to be born again in earth to save rich brothers but Abraham told him, that Books of Moses and Prophets are enough. Moses and prophets had spoken GOD’s  belief in  law, psalm, history and prophecy. 
  • Number one source of belief is GOD because it’s GOD’s perspective. GOD identifies himself with his knowledge, wisdom, truth and principles to the extent of following, living and believing them. Bible records Jesus lived and obeyed all the commandments.

Process of access to GOD’s beliefs

  1. Read  scriptures having GOD’s beliefs.
  2. Hearing scriptures, GOD’s servants and angels, seeing and experiencing signs, wonders and miracles.
  3. Pray for GOD to reveal truth hidden in scriptures. Only GOD can reveal his principles
  4. Observe phenomena in nature, creation and cosmic system in service to GOD to learn  GOD’s work with precaution not to misuse creation 
  5. Understand principles of GOD. Hearing and practicing without understanding won’t help because knowledge-beliefs without understanding are powerless.

Believe and faith starts, grows, mature and ends with GOD and HIS beliefs. All faith based on beliefs different from GOD’s perspective is perishing faith. Hence GOD’s belief produces living faith whereas other beliefs produce dead faith.

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