New Year Blessings to my caring strangers

“Don’t talk to strangers” They say but Bible instructs  hospitality and kindness to strangers reminding Abraham was hospitable to angels. Abraham didn’t know strangers were angels and GOD unless they identified themselves. Resurrected Jesus was stranger to disciples in Emmaus until they ate bread Jesus broke.


I have been receiving a mail of prayer invitation on last Sundays of each month from one of Christian INGO working to uplift poor children. One of the Churches and this INGO sent me Christmas Wishes on 2016. They are strangers to me. One of the stranger even asked me to make a video and i did make one “Matchstick challenge against Christian Persecution.”

Busy schedule rendered me unable to attend prayer meeting. However I sent these strangers a New Year 2017 wish and blessings.

GOD works in strange ways because we are unknown to his ways. His ways and thoughts are higher than man’s just as heaven is higher than earth. GOD may be stranger to us many times, but we are never stranger to GOD and his angels.

Surprisingly GOD seems stranger to people unknown to GOD’s ways no matter how much we boast of loving and knowing GOD.So I wished “Dear Jesus, Happy New Year 2017,” publishing blog. Let’s care needy caring strangers 

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