Don’t cry! Raise staff ||15 seconds wisdom

moses_staffBelievers start journey with GOD with own expectations only to cry when expectations don’t come to pass. They come up with their tryouts to deliver themselves from unexpected critical junctures of life often with cry, prayer and groaning. Israelite sojourning with GOD to free land camped near Red Sea, just to be persuaded by Egyptian troops for a kill. Moses started crying with Israelite, but to his surprise GOD posed question, “Why are you crying to me? Just raise your staff and ask Israelite to move on.” Zachariah 11:7 speak of two staffs namely Grace and Unity. Raise GOD’s grace and unity to break unexpected situations. Instead of trusting on crying ability, exalting hands to uphold GOD’s staff of grace and unity ties to GOD’s will to move on GOD’s purpose by breaking sea of personal expectations and troubling situations. The staff of Grace and Unity is all that is needed to overcome personal expectations and critical junctures.


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