Judaism Intro|| 15 Seconds Judaism


To all the beloved servants and well wishers of Christ, from the servant of GOD is happy to introduce new series of blog posts titled ’15 Seconds Judaism’ beginning from today. The idea behind starting this series is to inform titbits on Judaism- an ancient Jewish religion that was instituted during the period of 500 dark ages before the birth of Christ and after the book of Malachi in Bible.

Judaism religion was work of Jews that were in power to over throw the Law of GOD with their ancestral traditions and additional man-made beliefs such Pharisism, Sadducism, Zeolotism, Esenism, Scribes and Teachers of the Law  after the second temple was destroyed by the enemies of GOD.

Judaism and Muslim are likely to have same grounds of certain beliefs from the Old Testament  distorting TRUTH for their benefit to earn people support to fulfill their lust for power, popularity and politics.

Jesus openly condemned the leaders of Judaism and it’s sects-Pharisism, Sadducism, Zeolotism, Esenism, Scribes and Teachers of the Law. Jesus said they were blind and were leading people to destruction with their harsh artificial traditions of self-righteousness. They did not have respect of Levitical service in the GOD’s temple and instituted individuality be operating new institutions such as synagogues and assembly of people to preach their own version of false truth to deceive people to rise in power and politics.

It was Saadduceees and Pharisees who interwoven the crucifixion of Jesus by false charges and blasphemy.

After formation of Jewish State in May 14, 1948 Jews returned back to Holy Mountain  and Land of GOD- the Israel from exiles in different parts of the world. Sadly, the ruling class and aristocrats of Jews have again tried to revived the detestable practices of Judaism by instituting new sect called Rabbinic Judaism under the philosophy, doctrine and theology of Pharisism

For me personally, It seems these remix Rabbinic Judaism of ancient Judaism and sects still don’t understand who Christ was and His crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension.  Instead of preaching Truth about Christ they are happy to spread myths, lies mixed with Truth just to deceive people to adhere to their school of thoughts.

Truth mixed with ancestral traditions and falsehood is disguised Untruth. 

imagesJesus sternly warned “Stay away from the teaching of Pharisees, Scribes and Teachers of the Law, they are blind leaders” Matthew 15:14 “Your belong to your father Devil” John 8:44 “You snakes, you brood of vipers how will you escape the sentence to Hell?” Matthew 23:33

John the Baptist rebuked ,” You brood of vipers who told you to run away from coming wrath” Matthew 3:7

With Jesus and John already condemning those leaders, sects of Judaism and Judaism religion itself, there is no need to sugarcoat the Rabbinic Judaism-a revived ancient false Judaism religion articulated by men in present era.

Jesus said they judge according to standards of human and they have no idea of CHRIST’s identityJohn 8:15 instead of reflecting in GOD’s word for livelihood, priesthood and ministry.

3 thoughts on “Judaism Intro|| 15 Seconds Judaism

  1. You say Jews distort truth, by which you probably mean Biblical truth, but we can see that it are more those who call themselves Christians, which should mean being a follower of the Jewish master teacher Jeshua (Christ Jesus). But the majority of Christians do not follow his teachings and even worse, worship a three-headed god, an abomination in the eyes of the God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Jesus and his disciples.

    According the Holy Scriptures Jesus is the Way to God. He knew that very well and never claimed to be God.


    1. Nobody should have time to argue with muslims and Jews who don’t believe in Christ…”the stone they rejected became a cornerstone” said Jesus..what he said was true..and the article does not talk about Jews,,it talks about different denominations of Judaism-a religion of Jews articulated by selfish Jews..not the good Jews..and yes it was Jews who killed Jesus…and prophets what a shame


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