Dear Father GOD, I just want to say I love YOU

Dear Father GOD,

I just want to say that I love you and miss you each and every moment. I am worried about whether I have been able to please you with my life, yet I have always tried to remember you in each and every moment. You are GOD despite being so far causes me to feel that you are near and you can also cause that you are very far though you right next to me and in my heart.

Father, I just want to tell, let your will be done and not my will. I don’t understand you and this is a simple confession but a true for every man, because we humans can never understand your perfect ways and paths. You work in mysterious ways. You open the doors and you close the doors. You make the rivers and you know how to dry them. You are the one who turns deserts in rivers of flowing water and deep forests.

LORD there is nothing is impossible for you. YOU are not GOD because of my Faith, but you are GOD because of your faithfulness in creating everything. You loved me even before I was ever created and ever before I put my trust in YOU.

Thank you for all that you have done and help me to have your will be done.


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