I say “Christ is BITTER HERBS”

LORD asked Moses to command Israelites to eat bitter herbs along with Lamb of the Passover and bread. Many think bitter herbs represent slavery of Israelites in Egypt while other claims its sins of Israelites. But Bible is quiet about such self observing attitudes.

Yesterday I understood it in a different light from Passover ordinance mentioned in Exodus 12.


Bitter Herb is Christ

Isaiah 53: 2 “For He shall grow up before him as a tender shoot, as a root from the dry ground, he had no form nor comeliness and we shall see him, there is no beauty that we desire him” “And there shall come forth a shoot out of the stock of Jesse, and a branch out of his roots shall bear fruit” Isaiah 11:1 says. 

If Lamb and Bread represents Christ then Bitter herbs too must be Christ. 

Maror, Lettuce and horseradish the bitter herbs used in Passover is tender like shoots of plants and herbs with leaves. Its bitterness chokes and coughs with bitter odor to make tears roll from eyes.

GOD provides Bitter Herbs

The slaughtering of Lamb and breaking of Bread has painful and bitter experience like Bitter Herbs. In Lamentations 3:15 Spirit of Jesus says, “He has filled me with bitterness, he has made me drunken with wormwood.” Lamentations is a prophecy of Christ’s suffering. Lamentations 3:5 also prophecies, “He besieged me and encompassed me with bitterness and hardship.” Christ’s brokenness and separation of Spirit at cross should choke and cry us like Bitter Herbs consumption

GOD not only provides Lamb and Bread; He also provides Bitter Herbs. Therefore Christ’s body should be eaten by recognizing it.

Bitter Herb is suffering of Christfromdryground

Bitter herb is bitter pain Christ suffered for humanity with cruelest persecution and crucifixion. Israelites were feasting over Christ’s suffering but blinded by joyful Passover feast while first born of Egyptians were struck dead. For them it was a joy of freedom from slavery from Egypt but little did they understand that GOD was freeing them from slavery of sin.

Christ became Bitter Herb of sin

Christ was not only blessing but was also made sin. He became cursed for us as “Cursed is the one hung on the tree.” So when we are eating Lamb, Bread, Bitter Herbs and drink Blood, aren’t we consuming food carrying our sins? Jesus became Bitter Herb when our sins and it’s consequences were on him.

Bitter Herbs is partaking in Christ’s suffering

Another meaning of bitter herbs is suffering for GOD’s kingdom. Jesus said world will hate and persecute children of Light. We must be able to share in Christ’s suffering which is analogy for eating bitters herbs of Christ.

Christ is not understood as Bitter Herbs

We eat flesh of Christ, eat his bread and drink his wine with enjoyment without recognizing his bitter herbs. Scripture show GOD provided HIS Son salvation, but we must eat bitter herbs of CHRIST with haste, sandals on, clothe tucked in belt with my staff on hand. Just taking in lamb, wine and bread is not enough.

But theology and such masters has fallen short of teaching  Christ indeed is the Bitter Herbs of Passover. They have been teaching that only Lamb and Bread was Christ which misses out Bitter Herbs. But GOD told eat Bitter Herbs along with Lamb and Bread.




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