Even demons cry|| 15 Seconds Wisdom

cryingbloodmemorialfinalPeople cry to GOD in trouble. Good! Even demons did but Jesus rebuked. People know Jesus is son of GOD. Good! Even demons said to Jesus, “You are son of GOD,” but Jesus silenced them. People believe. Good! Even demons believe GOD and shudder. Believers show signs and wonders. Good! Even magicians do but their staff turned snake was swallowed by Aaron’s staff. People write about Jesus. Good! Even Balaam and demonic people wrote and prophesied. Demons don’t practice faith with action. Demonic people use GOD’s name for miracle and word business to benefit self and pride. “Not all those who call me LORD will enter into heaven, but only those who obey will of my Father” warned Jesus. The best things is cry, confess, believe, preach, prophecy and work miracles in ways Jesus won’t rebuke saying,”Go away evil ones, I don’t know you” The key is to try best to please GOD that would be appreciated with “Good faithful servant.” A continuous small effort of GOD pleasing ways are enough to be heard, “Come! Be a part of Lamb’s marriage.”

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