More hard-soft heart || 15 Seconds Wisdom

heart-of-stone-heart-of-fleshEgypt’s Pharaoh became more hard-hearted after GOD tried to humble him with diseases, natural calamities and deaths. Even after losing first-born son along with other Egyptians, Pharaoh became harder hearted. There are people like Pharaoh today, becoming more hard hearted and proud enough to lose their first-born son and own life. Contrarily proud adulterous and murderer David became humble. Proud David murdered Uriah and committed adultery with Bathsheba but lost his first born son despite seven days fasting and prayer. Eldest son Absalom became rebellious and slept with David’s wives as prophesied by Nathan prophet. First born sons died carrying punishment of sins of David and Pharaoh. Consequently David became so humble and soft to avoid sex with very beautiful teenage virgin wife during his old age. David repented to obey GOD while Pharaoh hardened to rebel GOD. Ya, there are people like David and Pharaoh even today, who lose their first born, some repent while others get more hard hearted forsaking ways of GOD. It’s sad but true.

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