Scary- ghostly Witness


This branch church held Saturday Church service with CD of main services held on Friday night from central mega Church in South Korea. Oh my! The teachers in video took almost 90% senior pastor’s name. They called him ‘Shepherd’ and even sang song of worship to him as if he was equal to GOD.These people really loved this guy calling senior pastor and shepherd. For them, this guy was biggest prophet greater than Moses and Elijah.

Ghostly Korean Pastor

I was once invited to talk to Korean pastor in church office. She asked me why I was not ready to believe her senior pastor. As she was speaking her face was really changing and turning into white with dark lip sticks like a ghostly figure with misty atmosphere.

I did not speak much but I was really taken aback by this ghostly atmosphere leaving me with questions in mind.

Evil Spirit attacks deacon

I was also asked me to sleep in Church for some nights. Deacon was there as a friend to sleep in office after having late night fellowship. During those times, I was working as a volunteer to translate English sermons into Nepali sermon in both audio and written.

One night, I heard a loud sound that woke me from my sleep. There was Mr. Deacon trembling and making some sounds. I asked him what happened, “An evil spirit attacked me in my neck,” he said showing the place where evil spirit had attacked him.

What’s shocking is! it was same place where Korean pastor sat during experience of ghostly atmosphere.

Pastor’s unbelief

Mr. Deacon’s incident was told to this Korean pastor. I told her, “There is some evil spirit in the place where you sit during the office time in church.” Deacon showed her the same place from where evil spirit had attacked him.

She was not ready to believe and cleared by saying, “People like Deacon suffer due to weak heart. It’s not the evil spirit, but only fears that caused deacon for difficulty in breathing during the sleep.”

I Bid farewell

After few months, I stopped attending that Korean branch church, because this lady Korean pastor  cried whenever see took name of her senior pastor. But my eyes only could see the dark atmosphere looming around her each time she glorified her senior pastor instead of  GOD.

When I look back to this experience, I found their senior pastor of South Korean mega church is some way practicing ancient Chinese philosophies with occult of ancestor worship.Any church with deceptive teaching is influenced by Satan. There was no doubt to me that this whole church was preaching false gospel. The preachers of false gospel are controlled by evil spirit  and people listening them are in risk suffering if not physical attack then hell in future.


2 thoughts on “Scary- ghostly Witness

  1. been there done that! the strange thing is even the church today does not believe in evil spirits or that they can dwell in the church… I told the church pastor there were spirits walking the hallways and even named the spirits he said that can’t be the church is a sanctified place… yet he admitted to sin that had occurred in the church???? Perhaps they just do not understand they have authority to cast them out… but I was considered one of those people to stay away from…I left the church when the Holy Spirit moved me to leave or be caught in the backdraft of judgment coming. I have to say I felt like Lot leaving Sodom!


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