Sons of GOD-daughters of men|| 15 Seconds Wisdom


Genesis says “GOD’s son married with daughters of men.” Many say angels sexed with daughters of men birthing Nephilims. John wrote “For those who believe in GOD, he gave them right to be sons of GOD not born by flesh-blood but by GOD’s will”.  Jesus said to Pharisees, “You are the sons of devil your father.”Jesus narrated parable of weed about Devil sowing his seeds among seeds of GOD. GOD isn’t talking sexual activity concerning seeds but being born again by Holy Spirit based on faith hearing Word. John warns, “Don’t be like Cain belonging to Satan.” Seth’s generations were seeds of GOD but they corrupted themselves marrying many beautiful daughters of men-son’s of Devil breaking GOD’s words. If it had been angels, why was GOD angry with men for marrying any one as they like? In Abraham’s time humans even had same sex relations. Nephilim were giant humans plenty in those days, quite few in David’s days and thank GOD very few these days and are certainly not cross between angels-human, GOD’s seeds-Devil’s seeds and aliens but are bigger, stronger, taller and living longer humans than normal sized humans and small humans around the whole world. Concerning angels Jesus said Matthew 22:30 “During resurrection people will be like angels who don’t marry.”

Imagine what would world be like if it was over populated with such giants compared to normal humans like in the days of Noah and Israelites


Yes! even giant humans can marry normal sized people. They need to support each other for fulfilling needs and survival. It was the same in ancient days.




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