Life ain’t drama|| 15 Seconds Wisdom


Many scholars influenced to think life is drama with people as actor. Some religious folks say life is a drama created by GOD. Drama is artificial and manual creation of characters and situations to fit in certain theme and story. Bible says GOD created purposeful life, living beings and creations and they are good-perfect. God  has purpose for life and he wants his creation to live that life with purpose. Purposeful life is not artificial and manual but it is a way, continuation to another world full of bigger life, larger than life, coined as eternal life. Life ain’t drama! Don’t play and act it, Life is eternal purpose and relationship! Live it, do it. It’s not entertainment but a relationship between Creator and creation. Life isn’t theater, movie and drama type but a live sport and battle type with no manipulations. Players and warriors really play and battle to win goal with purpose. Their purpose is to play game and war as players and warriors.Yes GOD works as coach or captain to direct people to live purposeful life with mutual relationship rewarding eternal life.


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