Converting “I LOVE YOU” to three magical actions

It’s important to convert three magical words “I love you” to three magical actions-command obedience, charity and pray in biblical terms. Apostle John writes” Let us not love with words and mouth but also with actions” The following three magical actions of love have presented with convincing insights and understanding inspired with revelations. 


Obey Commands:

Jesus said that those who love him, obey his commands and bears fruit of love. Without effort to obedience to commandments, it’s difficult to prove our love to GOD and people. Doing the will of GOD through understanding is important. Usually people understand, but they don’t obey. Such act  proves opposite of love confessions made towards GOD. Peter warned pretending  devotees  despising  power of devotion. Paul said about weak woman who hear truth, but can never come to truth. Truth needs practice. Only obedience can bear the fruits of love.Obeying commands simply denotes one loves GOD’s word. But  GOD is Word. So obedient person directly loves GOD and HIS will.Obedience is better than sacrifices. 


God said love GOD with all heart, strength and soul and more than yourself. He is saying, “Give your heart, strength and mind to GOD” Humans are composed of mind, body and spirit. Heart is closer to spirit, strengths is body while mind is soul. Hence GOD is saying “Love the LORD with all that you are.” It’s the only way humans can love GOD more than themselves. Moses knew this very well by experience. Again Jesus said “Love your neighbor as your self.” Each of us have common need- GOD. Jesus clarified this point “Treat others in  same way they want to treat you.” Humans want others to be loving, joy, peaceful, patience, kind, good, faithful, humble and self-controlled. But Jesus is saying show these qualities to others then people will begin to show same emotions and behaviors. Hence, People must treat others with GOD’s qualities famously known as fruits of Spirit.


It’s impossible for humans to solve all problems due to limitations. Prayer connects humans to confess they need GOD to do everything with agreement. GOD listens to pleas through humans prayer made in heart, mind and strength verbally or non verbally.It’s not hypocritical vain repetitions, but meaningful and understandable conversation where man can put his emotions while speaking to GOD. People who make vain repetitions don’t know meaning of mantras,lack emotions and knowledge. They only chant prepaid mantras and religious sayings. GOD is not interested in such prayer that lack Holy Spirit’s inspiration. Apostles have asks us to pray unceasing in Holy Spirit. GOD is not interested in our prayers, he is interested in prayers whispered out of Holy Spirit.Hence it’s is important to pray in Holy Spirit to love GOD.

Concluding Notes: There are many ways in which believers can turn “I love you” to actions. Aforementioned three actions are one of the best possible ways to love GOD apart from verbal confession of love towards GOD. The above mentioned actions are also the most commanded actions made by GOD in Bible for humans to obey  to love GOD. 

7 thoughts on “Converting “I LOVE YOU” to three magical actions

      1. Your thoughts are always special and unique and I certainly think you’ve done justice to your thoughts and wonderfully put them down. I honestly respect your simplicity and humbleness! I’m proud to be connected to you.

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