“I LOVE YOU” about 3 person|| 15 Seconds Wisdom


“It’s not good for man be alone, I will make suitable helper for him” said GOD. GOD created male and female in same day of first human creation. He brought man out of soil, breathed life into him and there was extra process left to create a woman. Actually Adam did have a helper and it was GOD himself, but GOD was in the process of creating a helper like Adam himself to be in physical realm. Lastly created  woman and second last was man. When GOD was creating first light of the day, he was in the process to create first woman-a man with a womb step by step process for amalgamation of man and woman through love making for procreation. GOD is always  between functioning as love. “GOD is love” says John. When people say “I love you” there is already three person in this life giving sentence-“I, GOD, YOU.” GOD created everything to express his love and it’s actually triangular love story. Both I and YOU must have GOD for successful spiritual love and future generations. Jacob was right when he scolded Rachel, “Am I in GOD’s stead who withheld from thee the fruit of the womb.”

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