LOVE Test by TRUTH || 15 Seconds Wisdom

love-truth1-659x400Everyone in this world has to live this life whether they like it or not.It’s not about living but they way humans live and lead life with majority hating truth. This makes even younger generations to practices falsehood from childhood days. It’s parents and others who nurture kids with truth or destroy them with falsehood. Focusing much on earthly things has ample chance of untruths in livelihood. People have seen and witnessed family members murdering others for earthly possession with hatred-falsehood. One who hates truth, hate themselves and GOD. GOD is TRUTH! If they hate GOD, others are hated as well. So next time anyone tries to prove their love, start speaking and practicing truth expecting truth from them. If they are still attached to you because of truth, they really love you. Love is beyond emotions of soul and body. True love starts from spirit that tends to focus on truth upwards. First love TRUTH-GOD, then yourself with TRUTH-GOD and others as yourself with TRUTH-GOD. LOVE and TRUTH are parts of same coin, if there is no truth there is no love.

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