Something is wrong: Preachers and people taking Paul’s name more than Jesus

It has been at least two years now that I have started paying attention to what preachers shout from pulpit. My main agenda is to find if the speaker is really serious about the name of Jesus, sadly speaking little do they take his name compared to other people in the world.


Why should I check name list?

Why should you pay attention to speaker using different names? Many may wonder and ask. Well, my answer is simple; the person takes the name of person who has greater impact in their lives. Just by hearing, seeing and speaking, one can provide a hint, who influence their life and who is their idol.

Most of the times the results are very sad with zero name of Jesus taken on the service whether it’s in pulpit, seminar or mega church stages.

If you don’t believe, just tune some Christian YouTube short and long videos where speakers are found glorifying other people in their speech more than Jesus-GOD. Ya it hurts me! Breaking heart to tearing eyes. I question myself, “What’s wrong with these preachers?”

All sorts of people

There are all sorts of people in this universe and for me those glorifying humans more than GOD, Jesus or even try to glorify god through overuse of same person’s name and witnesses are worst.

GOD warned against idol of any sorts and love to anything more than GOD.

Just today, I heard about 8 sermons from internationally well-known preacher from YouTube. What’s shocking is he used name of Jesus just once, while he used name of Paul more than 100 times over his sermons. I was tired and wanted to close my ears. Some sermons were so irritating that for each example he used name of Paul as if he was the perfect human he had ever heard in the human history.  I could not listen to 3 sermons because of this overuse of Paul’s illustration. There was no Jesus on his lips. He always quoted Paul, as if Jesus was dead to his students at seminary.

Something is wrong!

There is something wrong here. Something is seriously wrong with this preacher and millions of other Christians around the world. They think they have to read Paul, be Paul, preach Paul, praise Paul which indirectly leads to worship Paul too.

Many such fools suggested “Be like Paul.” I care least of what they suggest me. I am who I am that GOD intends. I’d rather die trying to be like Jesus in every aspect.

Three years back I had a Korean pastor who cried each time she took her senior pastor’s name, but name of Jesus was not enough to break her heart.

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with people like this especially the Paulines? Craps!!!

My answer is they read too much Pauline letters more than apostle’s gospels, letters and scriptures. They believe Paul more than apostle’s gospel, letters and scriptures. For them Paul is perfect after Jesus Christ and even Moses is nothing. In the Old Testament it is Moses and New Testament it is Paul for them. Jesus is missing somewhere between OT and NT!!! As the Pauline letters claim Apostle Paul, they have new perfect apostle than 12 apostles chosen by Jesus. Paul is apostle of Gentile like Peter is to Jews (which actually is a big lie!!!). Paul worked harder than any other apostles chosen by Jesus himself. Paul was persecuted and unmarried and laid foundations of churches. Paul is brave and other apostles of Jesus are coward. Paul was apostle because he saw Jesus (which again is biggest lies in Christian history) and did miracles. Paul ascended to heaven when he was alive and had all the necessary revelations needed for church and he does not need any teachers. But he is like Moses who talks face to face with GOD. They have to obey Paul more than other apostles because Paul is the one who spread gospel more than any other disciples and even Thomas is nothing who traveled all the way to gentile nation India to preach Christ until arrowed to death on his knees bent to prayer.  They know too many things about Paul that when you ask what Jesus said on the matter, there are clueless. They are also clueless about other apostles, their letters and their deeds and history. They only know the history of Paul. Paul is great and if anybody speaks against Paul, it’s satanic, Paul is perfect with no mistakes and whatever he says is 100% true because he was apostle (which is a lie again!!!). Paul worked for himself to make living while preaching but Peter had a beautiful wife and earned money from church. Only Paul worked, other apostles did not work (which is a lie!!)


I wrote above reasons as if Pauline believers and preacher would speak to anyone!

By the way what do you think about this type of Pauline and other type of preachers?

My reaction to such people

My reaction to them is I always tell them what Christ, apostles, prophets, Torah, psalms, history, wisdom books said on the matter to show them that whatever they are speaking with the letters of Paul is quite contradictory by pointing out more important truth are found elsewhere in the scripture that Jesus himself read. They should read scriptures that Jesus read for himself and can avoid scriptures that Jesus did not read. Even Abraham said to rich man in Jesus parable, “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.  And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”-Luke 16:29-31. It’s no wonder why Jesus had everything from books of Prophets and Moses in his lips.

I actually don’t care if any one is upset with this writing. I don’t regret and there is no intention to apologize. And if anyone is hurt enough to unfollow the blog and remove me from Facebook groups for this  pill, you are always welcome.

Your’s in Master’s Service

From Servant of Jesus :Thomas Bogaty

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