Switched off plug has power too!!

Have you ever paid close attention to switched-off electric plug connected to power? Most of them think there is no power in those switched-off plugs. Well, they got it wrong, switched-off plug definitely has power but it’s not in a state to run electric power further to light electric bulbs and operate appliances until it is switched on.

Energy Savings With Turning Off Electrical Appliances

What can Christian learn from switched-off plugs?

Well, all humans especially believers are like electric plugs of GOD. God provides power to humans for everything-healing, miracles, signs, wonders, creation, wisdom knowledge etc which can be summed up in the gifts-power of the Holy Spirit. All believers function similar to electric plugs control by GOD. So only GOD can decide when to switch believers on and off for particular situation, events, and activities for various purposes. He turns on his power whenever he wants and offs power-switch whenever he wants. Some may say believers can’t do certain things due to lack of faith. That is true because it is GOD who provides faith. Faith is a gift of Holy Spirit 1 Corinthian 12:9.

The lesson learnt by GOD’s ministers

There are many ministers of GOD today who are travelling around the world preaching and healing gospel listeners. But they can’t heal each and everyone to bring them to GOD. Soon they realize they are not the ones to heal and perform miracle, but GOD alone through his Holy Spirit. GOD switches his servants to perform wonders and spread gospel with power and he also can turn that power off when not to heal certain people lacking faith. Even Jesus did not do miracles on faithless people says Matthew 13:58. GOD’s ministers learnt GOD is not their power switch, but they are power switch of GOD. They are not using GOD, but GOD is using them. “Am I in place of GOD to give you child?” said Jacob to Rachel in Genesis 30:2.

Every Believer has power

Since every believer is filled with Holy Spirit, they have power, because GOD is power himself. Hence, he is the one who chooses time to switch on or off the human plugs to do mighty works. Just because a believer isn’t performing signs, operating gifts and preaching greatly doesn’t mean they don’t have the anointing and power of GOD. They do have the power, but GOD has not switched those believers on.

Pretending human plugs

There are some believers that tend to pretend as if used by GOD. But when you listen to them, they are shallow in speech, there is drought while preaching and there is no life flowing. GOD is simply not operating here. Humans are trying to operate the powers that are not in their control. Safe option is to humble and stay aside and let GOD has his perfect timing to switch the human plugs. How can a switched off power pretend to operate appliances by overflowing powers when the power controller hasn’t switch them on?

Warning to human plugs

This parable should be a warning to all believers not to take situations, matters and powers of GOD in their hands. Remember Moses, who suffered 40 more years in deserts until old age, when he tried to take matters in his hands to murder to accomplish his calling. He had the power, calling, conviction to his ministry, but he was pretending as if he was being used at the time he was 40 years young when actually GOD wanted to turn him on during his 80s. Moses tried to outsmart GOD and people due to lack of knowledge. It’s happening with almost every called minister even in present 21st century as well. David prayed to heal his son, but GOD did not listen. GOD is not here to listen and switch his power whenever humans want. Paul prayed thrice, but GOD did not heal. GOD is not here to misuse his power. His sign and wonders not only give life, but they also judge and kill, isn’t this true for unbelieving Egyptians and pharaoh?

In Exodus 17, Moses mistakenly said, “Should I bring water from this rock” and struck the rock twice. GOD’s was unhappy and said “Moses you disbelieved me, made me unholy in front of Israelites and now you will not go to Promised Land and will die in the desert along with your brother Aaron.” My warning to Moses would be, “Moses it’s not you but GOD brings water from rock and don’t strike the rock twice, once is enough as GOD has said, isn’t it?” And this is how one switched off human plugs can help other switched off human plugs. Sadly in case of Moses there was no one to advice while GOD had switched power when he had struck Rock for the first time. I would have stopped Moses hand and snatched the staff saying, “Moses don’t strike the rock twice, GOD is still on the process to switch the power as he commanded you in first strike.”

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