Meaning of Prayer in ONE WORD

We have grown up taught to prayer, reading prayer, hearing prayer and doing prayer. We pray almost 24 hours consciously or unconsciously while we are walking or sleeping. Good news is that Spirit who resides in us prays for us with whispers unable to be listened by us. We have exercised to pray at least three times a day which is not possible every day, but if we really come to great realization, we know we pray more than three times a day. Think about how many one sentence prayers and few things you say to GOD while you walk on the streets, play on the ground,  cook on the kitchen, listening to people, even while sleeping and different other ways in various moments of life.


Sooner or later we come to know, pray is not just about waking up early in the morning with knees to converse with GOD. Prayer is not about arranging appointment at 12 o clock with God. It’s not even saying good night to GOD before going to bed at evening. We come to realize prayer is that deep whisper we pour out to GOD like a mediation and breathing. Yes, it’s a breath now, and you are talking to GOD for each subject, issues and events you encounter. You converse with GOD non-verbally. Prayer is what GOD loves because you are including GOD for everything you are doing and you don’t feel getting involve with life without agreeing and thinking about GOD’s will.

Somethings to ponder on Prayer

You ask questions in one sentence when you don’t know what to do and are confused. You praise and thank GOD when something great has happened. You call for help when felt troubled. You even pour out anger and happiness on GOD. You repent before GOD for doing wrong. Now GOD has become integral part of your life and you just can’t do anything without having agreement of GOD’s will. Whether you ask, praise, thank, call for help, pour out emotions, repent all that you are doing is prayer. Yes, these are all prayers because you are expressing verbally and non-verbally both emotions and will.

Having said all that I would want to come back to topic I want to write about: Meaning of Prayer in one word.

Meaning of Prayer in ONE WORD:

To tell you one word meaning of prayer is nothing other than AGREEMENT. Prayer simply means AGREEMENT to GOD’s will and emotions. It’s to become one with GOD’s will. It’s no wonder why disciples taught us to pray unceasing in Holy Spirit. Having agreement with Holy Spirit is all that prayer means. You agree with will of the Holy Spirit and respond yes and amen to things-plan whispered by Holy Spirit to you.

AGREEMENT with Spirit: What it means and how do we do it?

Someone may ask me, “How can we know we are agreeing unceasingly with Holy Spirit?” OH! um…Yes, Jesus taught us this great mystery of Holy Spirit while speaking to disciples in John 6 after feeding more than 5000 people with bread. Jesus then said John 6:63 “It’s the Spirit that gives life and flesh profits nothing, the words that I speak to you, they are Spirit and they are Life.” Isn’t this amazing? The words of GOD are Holy Spirit and LIFE. And GOD is word and Word is Jesus. Now it is clear that when we come in agreement with what word, laws and principles of GOD, we are praying in Holy Spirit-the Word and LIFE spoken by Jesus. So in a raw form, prayer is saying to GOD what he has already said and written. Praying in Spirit is saying YES and AMEN to GOD’s word. That’s it, it’s just right there. Prayer is AGREEMENT, YES, AMEN to GOD’s word-Holy Spirit.

Next time, when you pray to GOD, think about whether you are AGREEMENT with Holy Spirit. Haven’t you tried to do this since the time you started loving GOD. You just wanted to do GOD’s will isn’t it? AGREEMENT with GOD’s will is all that prayer means. Go and tell this good news to somebody today.

12 thoughts on “Meaning of Prayer in ONE WORD

  1. Thomas, thank you. Though I am not a guy, I agree heartily and mentally, and yes, God our Father is amazing, and so is all His working in us, in our thoughts, words, prayers, and actions. I praise Him that He is always with us. Blessings as you live in agreement with the Father’s plans. ~ Fran

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  2. Thanks ~Fran..thanks for reading…YOu can also add some suggestion..if you think i can improve on my writing and meaning of prayer. You can provide insight as well..thanks so much…


  3. A much needed talk on prayers! I agree with your words that prayers must not be like appointments with God. He is our God and we are his children and why should we be so formal to the God who knows everything secret of our life at the back of his hands. People see God as an person for the emergency situations. Students, just before exams, even though they dont do their part. There are 24 hrs in a day, he’s available 24/7 then why do we humans choose only few moments for the God who is the answer to all questions. Something we must mend. As usual it was a great read. And I’m happy that I am able to restructure my faith and be a stronger believer through your words.

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  4. Thanks brother…by the way i used be like getting appointment with GOD for prayer..then i just gave up..realized that i was praying most of the time..if not on knees then on walks, cooking, studying and some strange situation take toilet times for example…you know what i mean! We don’t talk to ourselves like unbelievers..but we talk to GOD because he is right within us and that becomes natural as well..


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