THREE PRINCE who left palace to end human suffering

There are religiously, practically, historically and scientifically three princes who left their palace to change the world for the sake of humanity and today world respect them as religious leaders and founders. The names of three world changing princes are Jesus Christ-Prince from Heaven-Jerusalem, Moses from prince of Egypt and Buddha prince from Nepal.

Moses Prince of Egypt: 1300 BC

Moses was an Israelite adopted son by daughter of Pharaoh-king of Egypt. The cruel Pharaoh had issued orders to kill all the male children of Israelite due to threat of over increasing population which could subdue Egypt someday in future. He enslaved Israelite with harsh work overloads. When Moses matured to 40 years old, he was grieved by the slavery of his tribes and started murdering Egyptian and ran away for safety in deserts for 40 more years. When he reached 80 years old he returns back to Egypt to start revolutionary movements to free enslaved Israelite brothers. As per the historical records and archaeological findings apart from Bible, Moses not only freed six million Israelite men not counting woman and children but many other nations enslaved by Pharaoh. Moses then led them to a new land called Canaan which was much bigger than today’s Israel state.

Moses is depicted with ability to perform miracles to free Israelite and other nations from cruel Pharaoh with disasters and plagues according to Islam, Judaism, Christianity and archaeological stones graving found in Egypt and Greece. The divine name that guided this great man to fulfill his cause to free slavery from cruel Egypt was popularly known as Jehovah. Moses had simple instrument-a staff handed to him by GOD. Moses dividing the Red Sea with staff raised against Egyptian soldier is clearly engraved in the three stone tablets found in Greece. Moses handed them Law of Jehovah and preached Jehovah’s words for another 40 years in the desert. It is said when he left earth during 120 years, his eyes were not weak and his strength was not reduced and nobody has been able to track down his grave. He is regarded as the founder of Judaism.

Gautam Buddha-Prince of Lumbini, Nepal: 500 BC

Gautam Buddha-Prince from Nepal was always kept enclosed to palace with no experience of the outside world. Buddha disliked any form of violence against humans and animals inside the compounds of royal palaces. One day, he secretly escaped to explore the outside world along with his charioteer. To his dismay he found all sorts of pain, grief, sadness, poverty and deaths among the fellow citizens. This unpleasant harsh reality makes him to contemplate on the reasons for suffering. He then returns to palace, but can’t sleep with reality of painful people running in his minds. He leaves palace and his family secretly one night to jungles in Banaras currently in India to meditate to find cause of human suffering. Finally discovers the pain of suffering; “The materialistic selfish desire is the main cause of human suffering.”

He starts the campaign of non-violence, animal protection and simple lifestyle with right kind of desires with four noble truths and nine virtues to avoid pain. Despite criticism and persecution by Hindu traditions during that time, Buddha attracted huge followers to stand against animal sacrifice ritual, caste system and idol worship. Buddha stood against the religious political system to teach supreme Hindus that all humans are equal. He is also said to have possessed certain kind of supernatural abilities. Finally he breathed his last in 80 years with infection. Today Buddha is worshipped as GOD by Buddhist in Asia.

Jesus Christ- Prince from Heaven and Jerusalem: 1 AD

Jesus Christ was born in Israel as a prince from heaven and Israel as per the wise man in gospel. This was the reason King Herod wanted to kill baby Jesus since the wise man predicted of Prince Jesus birth who was to become future king. However Jesus is saved and grows up to be 30 years old. During 30 years old he starts preaching about kingdom of heaven and peace to the people of Israel subjected to Roman Empire. His contemporary John-the Baptist also witnesses him as son of GOD declaring that Jesus was actually a heavenly person who left heaven to rescue the sinful humans of earth created by GOD. In the midst of his ministry he has 12 apostles selected, 70 disciples preach the gospel and wins hearts of Israelite commoners. He was also a person of interest to intellect, people of class and royalties, because they were awed by his eloquence, influence and charisma over local people and high classes due to oratory power preaching sin was the main cause of suffering. People were being healed and his popularity was reaching the heaven and worldwide beyond Roman Empire.

He preached good news of peace with GOD and claimed as one with GOD. He taught from scriptures, provided insights and parables to increase faith of listeners towards GOD and righteousness. But then men wanted to crown him KING because they realize he was a crown prince on the way to Jerusalem, but Jesus rejects. Since then there is decrease in his popularity, because he now decides to suffer for humans. He wanted to die for human slavery to sin forever by becoming sacrificial human. He proclaims truth to people about his death after feeding 5000 men but many of his followers stop following him. His one of the apostles named Judas betrays him and hands him over to evil people. He says to the judges that his kingdom is not of this world and is proved faultless. However enemies want to give him capital punishment of most cruel crucifixion. He is lashed 39 times, pricked with thorn crowns at head, slapped, mocked, stripped and made to carry cross naked and finally crucified to death at 33 years. But on the third day resurrects to life and appears to apostles and disciples staying with them for 40 more days teaching scriptures of Moses, prophets and psalms written about him and then ascends to enthrone heaven promising to return back during the final days of earth destruction and start of new era.

Today Jesus Christ is the most discussed personality in world be it controversy, religion, history, science and everything else. There are even people and religious leaders who claim to be Christ, but Jesus Christ had already warned of false Christ to his apostle who later wrote the gospels. Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Roman history talks about Christ. He is the savior and redeemer of humans from sins, death and all kinds of suffering to his followers around the globe.

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